CMS Solutions

ExpressionEngine CMS Development

ExpressionEngine CMS simplifies managing your website while giving your designers complete creative control. As a leading ExpressionEngine developer, cre8 can create web applications focused on lead generation that make the most of the platform. Our expertise in ExpressionEngine development allows you to experience all the benefits of one of the most flexible and versatile CMS options today.

Key Features

  • A create once, publish everywhere content management system with multiple channels and site sections
  • Define multiple member groups and assign unique permissions to control creation and access of your content
  • Run multiple websites from a single ExpressionEngine software installation.
  • Live previews for content editors
  • Easy installation means you can be up and running in a matter of minutes

Typical EE CMS Engagements

  • Replatform (migration) from another CMS
  • Becoming “webmaster” for website, performing maintenance and upgrades
  • Adding e-commerce to an existing EE site
  • Staff support for site updates within EE
  • Developing EE sites from provided Photoshop designs
  • Improving lead generation performance

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