Eric Gockel

Written by Eric Gockel


ExpressionEngine (EE) 3 end of life is just two short months away. After December 14, 2018, it will be officially retired and no longer receive updates, security patches or support from its developers.

Fortunately, we can help you upgrade your site to EE4 if that’s an option for you. If your site is older than EE3 and/or is using a number of plugins that are also outdated and perhaps an e-commerce cart as well, things may be a bit more involved.

When upgrading from EE3 or especially EE2, a lot has changed. If your website is dependent on a number of add-ons or plugins that haven’t been updated for EE4, we’ll have to look for suitable alternatives, or perhaps replacing the lost functionality from scratch.

Depending on your website’s requirements, we may want to evaluate a different CMS. If localization or multiple languages are now a need, we may want to consider different systems.

If your team has changed, and is more familiar with a CMS like WordPress, upgrading and replatforming to WordPress could be another option.

Odds are that if your CMS is that outdated, it could probably benefit from a template update to make your website responsive (mobile-friendly) as well.

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