disconnected-pipes “Disconnected” by Michaela Pereckas via flickr CC by 2.0
Eric Gockel

Written by Eric Gockel


Updated 8/8/22

We’ve been involved in resuscitating some ExpressionEngine 2 websites lately, and before we can get them to EE6 (unless we start fresh from scratch), we need to get them to EE3. Once we get over that hurdle, getting to 6 will probably be a lot easier.

That said, along the way, we’ve had to do various plugins, add-ons, and extension audits, and I thought it’d be helpful to list some of our findings here to help developers and owners in similar situations.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve had different experiences with the listed ones or if there are any others you think we should test/add.

Plugins and Add-ons not compatible with EE3+

Auto Expire by Baseworks (extension)
EE1, EE2

Better Pages by The Outfit (fieldtype)

Cache Buster by Focus Lab (plugin)
EE1, EE2

CE Cache by Causing Effect (extension)
EE2, EE3

Client Entries by twosixcode (plugin)
No replacement found

Content Elements by Fresh (extension, fieldtype)

CP Analytics by Amphibian Design (accessory)
EE2; Recommended replacement:

Currentlee by Adam Wiggall (plugin)
EE2; No replacement found

Draggable by Kevin Thompson (accessory)
EE2; No longer maintained

Entry access by intoEEtive (extension, module)
EE2; Depending on requirements, this could potentially be replaced with EE-native template access settings:

Excerpt by Clayton McIlrath (plugin)

Henshu by Zenbu Studio (extension)

Importer by Solspace (module)
EE2; Discontinued

Magpie RSS Parser by EllisLab (plugin)
EE1; RSS support is now native in EE5

Markdown by EllisLab (plugin)
EE1; Could not find a replacement

MX Auto Password by Max Lazar (accessory+extension)
EE2; No longer maintained

MX Notify Control by Max Lazar (extension+plugin)
EE2; No longer maintained

Nolan by Iain (fieldtype)
EE2; Content was moved to a textarea or a matrix before upgrade

Postmaster by Objective HTML (extension)

Profile:Edit by Tom Jaeger (module)
EE2; Needs to be replaced with EE-native member management

RSS Parser by EllisLab (plugin)
Could not find a replacement

Securit:ee by mithra62
EE2; Could not find a replacement

Seed by Joel Bradbury (module)
EE2; No replacement

Taxonomy by iain
EE2. Super Navigation by Amici Infotech could be a replacement

VZ Address by Eli Van Zoeren

XML Encode by EllisLab (plugin)
EE2; Could not find a replacement