CMS Solutions

When it comes to website success, content is king. It’s a familiar mantra, often heard when companies are looking to boost customer conversions or drive reliable ROI. So what makes good content, and how do businesses manage it at scale?

At cre8, we’ve earned a reputation as content management system (CMS) experts. From enhancing your existing content to improving the user experience and creating customized content solutions, we’re here to help.

What Is Web Content?

Web content encompasses all assets on your webpage. Text is the most familiar — short sentences and longer paragraphs about what your company does, what sets you apart from the competition, and how customers can get in touch.

That’s just the beginning. Web content also includes any images, videos, audio clips, and animation on your site — in effect, anything visitors can interact with once they’ve landed on your page.

The increasing volume and variety of web content required to meet modern consumer expectations mean manual oversight isn’t possible. So, businesses now rely on CMS solutions to provide on-demand content generation and customization.

Best-fit web content management services make it possible to schedule new content posts; optimize websites for mobile users; add new functions such as multi-language support, newsletter signups, or interactive contact forms; and ensure that the content you’re creating ranks well with popular search engines such as Google. Many CMS tools also offer integration for e-commerce and online payment platforms to help streamline revenue generation.

CMS Solutions From cre8

At cre8, we offer comprehensive support for multiple content management services, including:

  • WordPress
    Now the most popular CMS in the world, WordPress is simple to use, easy to manage, and offers a host of plugins and themes to help give your site an edge. Our WordPress experts can help you migrate existing content, quickly add e-commerce functionality and develop excellent WordPress sites from scratch.
  • DNN (DotNetNuke)
    DNN is an open-source, scalable CMS platform SMBs and enterprises use worldwide. We can augment your team or provide managed CMS services to create, host, and maintain your DNN site.
  • Craft
    Craft is a user-friendly CMS that offers an entirely customizable back end. Built on open-source software, Craft is quickly gaining ground as a CMS competitor — cre8 can help you get in on the ground floor.
  • ExpressionEngine
    ExpressionEngine helps simplify site control with a create once, publish everywhere model that offers multiple channels and site sections. Our teams can help empower your ExpressionEngine impact.

Content Management, Evolved

Content management doesn’t exist in isolation. Along with best-in-class support and CMS migration services, you need website services that help expand your user base and drive sustained growth.

At cre8, we’ve built a website management ecosystem that includes user growth strategies, UX/UI design capabilities, technical managed services expertise, and expert staff augmentation to help your business make the most of content assets and capture consumer interest.

Ready to take your web content to the next level? Let’s get to work today.