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DNN Content Management

The DNN Platform (previously known as the DotNetNuke Community Edition) is an open, secure, scalable and extensible content management system for ASP.NET. Thousands of small local businesses to Global 1000 companies depend on the DotNetNuke CMS Platform as the authoring environment for their websites.

Why Use DNN Content Management?


The DNN Platform scales to meet just about any need. Whether your website is serving hundreds or thousands of users, DNN has proven that it can handle the challenge.


The DNN Platform undergoes dozens of security audits and scans by partners and customers across the world, who work with DNNs security team to ensure they pass stringent security requirements.


Content management is easier, thanks to the fact that the DNN Platform was built to be extensible. Just about any feature on the platform can be swapped out. We can build custom CMS extensions or select from thousands of ready-built ones.


With substantive support for responsive mobile website development, the DNN content management platform helps deliver optimal user experience on any mobile device.

Open Source

With DNNs liberal Open Source license, you are free to do just about anything with your implementation. Freedom and flexibility for you and your business.


We can augment and complement your internal team, or we can assist in the selection and setup of hosting and maintenance of your website on a managed services basis.


Thanks to a robust multi-user management system, DNN software is accessible and defensible. Users can be assigned differing groups and roles to streamline permission controls.


DNN also comes with built-in e-commerce functionality and connects easily with popular payment platforms such as Google Checkout, PayPal and SagePay.

Making the Move to Responsive CMS

Robust and responsive content management systems are critical to ensure websites can keep pace with evolving consumer demand and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to mobile-first development and integration. From businesses building their first site to companies looking to leave legacy CMS behind, the right content management solution provides a solid foundation to build features and functions at scale.

Deploying Dynamic DNN Services

What can DNN do for your business?

Consider some of our recent work: When NAIPC needed a way for older Americans to discover information about community-based services for independent living, it turned to DNN consulting with cre8. Using a combination of DNN CMS and .NET development along with advanced web design, we helped the agency create its award-winning Age In Place website.

For IASG, we leveraged a similar approach to provide another customized result: The world’s largest, most comprehensive and 100% open database of Managed Futures to help investors make informed choices. When the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association (NRMLA) needed a responsive website to guide seniors through the reverse mortgage process, we delivered with end-to-end DNN and WordPress development.

Put simply, if your website needs something done, you can do it with DNN. If you’re not sure where to start, we’re here to help.

Build Better With cre8

When you build with cre8, you’re getting more than dynamic DNN solutions. From our expert web development teams to our growth strategy, UX/UI and technical managed services expertise, we strive to ensure you’re equipped with everything needed to deliver an unparalleled website experience.

Need our help for even larger projects? We have you covered with on-demand development staff augmentation.

Do more — and do it better — with DotNetNuke and cre8. Let’s get to work.

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