Twitter “Twitter” by Claudio Toledo via flickr
Eric Gockel

Written by Eric Gockel


I had a prospective customer explain to me (after asking if they were capturing emails for a newsletter):

“We kind of think of Twitter and Facebook registrations as a way to promote our blog posts and ad messages. So this is a form of newsletter”

  • Using these other channels to promote your blog is great; drive prospects back to your website.
  • Having fans on Twitter and Facebook does not replace capturing prospect’s emails for a newsletter.

People are going to recommend you to their followers, or complain about you, whether they’re “following” you or not. People will more readily follow you on Twitter or Facebook (hey what’s one more…). But giving you their email? That’s gold. They don’t want to have to go the trouble of having to unsubscribe to your email. Giving you their email address is a whole different level of trust. Mess that up and they’ll mark you as spam in Gmail.

Get them to follow you on the various networks because they care what you say and think. Get their email addresses and show them you value their time and loyalty.