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Eric Gockel

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We’re always trying and testing apps here for ourselves here at cre8 and like to share our experiences with our customers and followers. We recently helped one of our clients start using Harvest for their own invoicing too.

We’ve been using Harvest for years here at the office and love how easy it is to use to track time and send invoices. We use the Chrome plugin to integrate it with our Basecamp account projects too.

Timers and Stats
My favorite feature is that I can just click the start timer button next to a task in Basecamp. But I’ve always pined for a little more data, like to also easily see how many hours I’ve logged against a task.

When you click the timer button in Basecamp, the popup does show the total hours tracked against it, and it’s possible via the reports in Harvest.

But if you’ve closed a task and want to see the total hours in Basecamp, you need to re-open it (and messes up your ‘activity’ in Basecamp).

With Everhour, it’ll show your accumulated time before the task name. If you click on it, it will also show you a breakdown of everyone who logged time against a task, which is super handy if you re-assign tasks along the way.

You can also add an estimate to a task which will show alongside time remaining. This is HUGE for us. I wanted this feature so bad we considered switching to JIRA and tried out Axosoft but those solved some problems and created some new ones as well.

I might have a Basecamp task that a developer logged one hour a day against but come invoice time, I always wanted to be able to easily roll up hours by a Basecamp to-do item. But you can’t do this natively with Harvest, you can only roll up by [Harvest-defined] task, by person, or by project.

I would have to generate a report, export to Excel and then roll-up/calc the hours manually, and then hand-enter into a Harvest invoice.

Slice and Dice
Now with Everhour, I can run a report by project for last month and aggregate by task and get rolled up hours (across all Basecamp members) for a particular task.

BONUS: You can arrange your report by Iteration and you can then get a total for a Basecamp to-do list which is also super-helpful.

Everhour doesn’t have it’s own invoicing function, but does integrate with Xero and FreshBooks. I still use Harvest for actual invoicing and it does have a nice feature for handling retainers which we use.

What apps do you use?
Have a favorite app you use for tasks or invoicing? Any weird workarounds? Share in the comments!