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Eric Gockel

Written by Eric Gockel


As previously mentioned last month, MediaTemple is currently migrating accounts to GoDaddy. While a few of our accounts have already been transferred, we have discovered an important detail missing from their FAQs.

All related contacts will be disconnected. So, if you aren’t the account owner and just an admin or technical contact, you won’t see anything when you log into your new account over at GoDaddy using your MediaTemple login credentials. UPDATE: You may see accounts that were connected over on MediaTemple, however, they will still need an access level assigned.

If you are the account owner, you need to grant (delegate) permission to access it on GoDaddy.

To do this, log in to GoDaddy using the same login credentials you use for your Mediatemple account. Once logged in, go to My Account > Account Settings > Delegate Access

Under the “People who can access my account” section, click on + Invite to Access. This will allow your collaborators to access your GoDaddy account.

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