Eric Gockel

Written by Eric Gockel


One way you can differentiate your website or application is by paying attention to those little details that many folks pass up.

Take passwords for example. We all have them, most websites handle them the same way. You never think about it until you forget yours.

Usually websites do a good job of letting you know their requirements when setting up a new password so you’re spared the hassle of finding out afterwards that your selected password has unsupported characters.

One thing that would really be helpful, especially for those of us who employ our own password patterns and manage to remember them, is that if your website doesn’t support special characters (why?!), then you should also mention that on the login page, not just on the page where I created it, or the password reset page.

This happens almost every time I try to log into a site like Crate and Barrel or Land of Nod that doesn’t support special characters and have to request my password … or at least remember that when I get to the change password page and see what their policy was.

Why not add “(7-18 characters, must contain both letters and numbers. No special characters.)” below the password field on the login page too?

What do you think?